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When it comes to enhancing the look of your homes, there are many options available in the market to choose from. And installing window shutters is definitely one of them. Shutters are one such window covering option that, along with the look, provide many added benefits. So, if you are looking to install shutters at your home, then there is no better option than Sunshine Curtain & Blinds. We are located in Auburn and provide quality window solutions to several suburbs across Sydney.

But where do you install shutters? You can install shutters anywhere in your house either inside or outside. They will help improve the environment at your Auburn home.

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Interior Shutters

When installing interior window shutters, you have to ensure it doesn’t cause an obstruction. There is no need to install shutters on every window of your house either. You can install shutters in your bedroom for privacy purposes. A living room can also use one to block out heat and cold. Moreover, interior shutters are easier to clean and maintain as compared to exterior shutters. Sunshine Curtain & Blinds has a range of interior shutters for any window type and finish.

Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters provide added protection against the elements. It can also prohibit bugs and insects from getting in through a window and also works as a bonus ventilation measure. Exterior shutters are exposed to a lot of environmental and climate factors and hence require much more maintenance and cleaning. But considering the added benefits that they provide, you shouldn’t hesitate before installing one in your home.

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How You Will Benefit by Installing Window Shutters in Auburn From Sunshine Curtain & Blinds?

Window shutters offer a lot, both visually and functionally. Take a look at how installing them at your home in Auburn would help you:

Increased Security and Privacy

Window shutters are not a substitute for a whole security system, but they can do a pretty good job. While the neighbourhood of Sydney, including Auburn, is pretty safe, you can never be too secure. Shutters can do wonders for your privacy. You are just one installation away from making sure nobody can look inside your house through the windows.

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Enhance the Visuals of Your Rooms

A lot of people use shutters for decoration purposes. Our shutters are available in many designs that can enhance the visual quality of your room and home. Add their high customisability on top of it, and you have the perfect tool to style your home.

Block Out Light, Heat, and Cold

Use shutters to keep unwanted light away from your rooms. Similarly, they can come in handy when it gets too hot or cold. You need something like this to help you out in the scorching heat of the Aussie summer.

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Are our Shutters Worth It?

Don’t let your doubts over the economic value of shutters keep you away from the amazing benefits they offer. They are, undoubtedly, one of the best investments to make for your home. The incredible value only further enhances the affordability of shutters for money. Moreover, Sunshine Curtain & Blinds considers your budget and has a wide range of shutters to choose from based on your budget limitations.

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Shutter Designs & Materials

From timber to aluminium, our shutters are available in multiple materials, each of them which comes with its own set of benefits. There’s no shortage of designs, either. You will find plenty of designs, colours and structures at Sunshine Curtain & Blinds to apply a personal touch.


  1. Timber shutters are available in a Variety of colours including specialty timber grains
  2. High tensile coatings – will not crack or peel
  3. Made with premium furniture quality timber providing strength and durability
  4. Made of the finest selection of timbers and is kiln-dried to a precise percentage to ensure long-lasting stability.
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Interior Shutters

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