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Get Roller Blinds For Your Home In Auburn

Roller blinds mean exactly what it sounds like. You must have seen regular blinds and might even have them back at your house. The difference between them lies in the name. Roller blinds can be rolled up or down whenever you want them to be in use or not. They have become one of the favourite window treatments of homeowners in Auburn and Sydney. Are you looking for quality roller blinds in Auburn? Then don’t worry because Sunshine Curtain & Blinds are there to help you out with our wide range, including motorised blinds and zebra blinds

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Why Go For Roller Blinds In Auburn?

You should opt for our roller Blinds as your window treatment for several reasons:

Flexibility: Roller blinds offer a lot of versatility and flexibility. You can install one anywhere in your house. They can be used as both indoor and outdoor blinds, and the simple elegance of these blinds goes well with every corner, and they never look out of place.

Convenience: The ease of use and convenience that you get with our roller blinds is unchallenged. Rolling them up and down is as easy as it gets and requires no effort at all. Even installing and maintaining these roller blinds is incredibly easy. Get these blinds from us today! Our motorised blinds and zebra blinds are among the best in the market.

Aesthetics: The aesthetic value of our roller blinds is unlike anything else. They enhance your room’s visuals without being too overwhelming. It helps that they are available in hundreds of different patterns and designs in Auburn and other neighbouring regions.

Budget-friendly: The range of roller blinds available at Sunshine Curtain & Blinds is highly affordable. Their long-lasting and low-maintenance nature makes them perfect for every kind of budget.

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  • Neat, stylish appearance
  • Extensive range of easy care fabrics
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • A tensioning device is installed with all chain controls to ensure your child’s safety.

Care Instructions

  • Dust regularly.
  • Most smudges & stains can be removed by sponging gently with a solution of mild detergent and warm water.
  • Avoid vigorous rubbing and never use solvents.
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What Styles Are Roller Blinds Available In?

We have different roller blinds that protect your windows, rooms, and whole house from harmful elements.


Light-filtering roller blinds only allow specific light through them. They can prohibit UV rays and other wavelengths of light that you don’t want entering your rooms. These blinds can also provide plenty of privacy.

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Unlike light-filtering blinds, Blockout blinds can prevent any sunlight from coming through. You get complete privacy with these roller blinds and can use these in your bedroom.

Heat Protection

Often known as sunscreen blinds, these roller blinds protect you from heat and burns coming from outside. Living in the Sydney suburbs like Auburn, you want something to protect you from the heat of an Australian summer, and these roller blinds are perfect.

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Motorised, Double Roller-Types of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds at Sunshine Curtains & Blinds are available in many types for you to choose from:

Double roller blinds

Instead of a single-bracket blind, you can go for a double-bracket version with added benefits. You can use two different styles of blinds with this type. For example, you can combine 100%blockout and heat protection blinds to protect against light and heat.

Motorised Blinds

Automation has made its way to blinds as well. These blinds don’t need manual pulling up or down. Just a click of a button can do it for you.

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Use Motorised Blinds For Maximum Convenience

As if simple roller blinds weren’t convenient enough, we bring you motorised blinds. Motorised blinds work automatically with the help of a remote control. It saves you effort, time, and energy. These electrical blinds are not only convenient but safe as well. Motorised blinds are way more affordable than they sound. You don’t have to go on a spending spree to automate your roller blinds anymore. Get motorised blinds at affordable prices and make window treatments easier than ever by purchasing them from Sunshine Curtain & Blinds.

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Zebra Blinds As An Alternative

Zebra blinds are a type of dual blind. Here two blinds are combined for extra functionality. They are also known as vision blinds sometimes. It involves placing two blinds parallel to each other with alternating horizontal lines. One set is made of sheer stripes, and the other one has opaque ones. You can alter the stripes and spaces to control the amount of light you want inside your room. Zebra blinds provide an insane amount of flexibility that you can not find in any other kind of roller blind. You can turn them into heat protection blinds or even block out ones just by playing around with the setting of the stripes. Even better, you can automate them to combine the benefits of zebra blinds and motorised blinds.

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If you live around Auburn or any other suburbs of Sydney, you can visit our store and take a look at our collection of roller blinds, motorised blinds, and zebra blinds. If you do not want to make a decision right now, use our website to get in touch and discuss the details.

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